The Cons of a Buy twitter likes Scheme

News 11:04 April 2024:

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The hype of having a lot of followers is good but you need to realize that there are cons to it especially if you used a crook to buy twitter likes. First, all you are buying is spam buts and robo accounts that are inactive on twitter at best. All you will be is someone with a lot of followers on twitter who do not do anything on twitter. Imagine what your feed will be like will spam accounts as followers. All they are is numbers which means that they cannot retweet your tweets, reply or even DM. They do nothing to improve your online presence on twitter.

To buy twitter likes means that you are also risking our safety. Spam accounts means that you could also be subject to spam messages and spam posts on your account. Other than that, your reputation will be ruined if people find out you having been buying followers who are fake accounts. The real followers you have may feel cheated and unfollow you. If it’s a business the damages could be worse.f1

Do Fake Followers have any Impact on your Twitter Likes?

Buying twitter followers was the in thing a while back. It was a great way to make your brand look popular and probably gain more twitter likes. These days however, buying followers and likes has reduced drastically, mostly because it doesn’t result to the instant fame the buyers hoped for. However, people still buy fake followers and faketwitter likes. Here are some of their reasons and how this behavior impacts on their brand.

Almost every social network has recognized the impact of fake users on their network in the past few years. On twitter especially, buying followers and likes is such a great issue that most people have developed little respect to those who do it. And besides the loss of respect, most peopledon’t interact fully with people they think have fake followers.  However, not every dislikes this habit. Some find it okay to buy these followers, but this is mostly from people who have bought followers before.

To brands on the other hand, buying followers and twitter likes could result to a bigger problem than you may think. People are actually unforgiving to businesses whose followers are illegitimate accounts. Some people actually withdraw their loyalty from a brand whose main source of popularity is purchased twitter likes and fakes. In terms of brand image, buying followers could create a big dent in your image and identity. As a result, it is only important to work your way up in social networks through legal means such as posting informative content and using influencers in the society to promote your twitter account.f2

On the other hand, buying followers goes a long way in damaging your credibility as an authoritative figure on twitter. Once people realize that you willingly bought even a single fake follower, your credibility on arguing genuine matters becomes affected. If you used to tweet on matters of politics for instance, your once loyal fan base may turn into your opposition. And as for businesses that sell sensitive products such as ‘news,’ doing anything that could question your credibility can bring your brand down in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, twitter doesn’t act so much on people with bought followers, and so you could get rid of such followers at your own pace while you work to get more genuine followers.

But, what if you have fake followers by accident, can it affect your twitter activities? Well, if there is no proof that you ever bought followers in the past, then your average rate of attracting twitter likes shouldn’t get affected a lot. In any case, most fake followers don’t like or retweet your posts. They only appear as part of your following but won’t add any value to you. All the same, you have the responsibility of unfollowing such people. After all, they add no engagements to your conversations, and worse, they could turn out to be spammers who may spam on your genuine followers.