Why do some platforms attract more free likes than others?

If you are a fan of social media, you probably already know that there are platforms where you excel more than others. If you haven’t, join a few platforms, learn how things work around there and then evaluate where you feel naturally good at. In fact, most of the people who receive many free likes on twitter are probably not the same ones who receive the highest number of likes on Facebook. Some platforms are also specific as to what type of posts you can make, which should help you understand what platform really suits someone like you.

If you are a music lover, join something like musical.ly or sound cloud and you could be amazed at how fast you can get popular. If you love modeling, Instagram is where to get many free likes with your colorful photos. And if you think that your customers are present on all these platforms, join all of them, be interactive and post quality content all the time, because that is how successful people made it to attracting millions of likes and customers through social media.

Managing Free Followers And Following Others.

Most social media users think getting free followers is all that matters in respective platforms. Even as you seek this huge following, there is a role you should play and put some considerations in line first if you want the whole process to be engaging. As a newbie, there is always the urge to grow your account by following and attracting others to follow you back. Many fail to strike the balance between following and being followed. Though it is recommended to follow many people to increase your chances of being followed, you should not overdo it because no one want to follow someone with less than ten followers yet following thousands.


Try and balance the ratio even if you will be following many other users. By following others and being followed shows you level of engagement to be a fruitful one and will encourage others to follow you. If you create an account and start following hundreds of people, you will look like a robot that resemble robotic free followers that people avoid following back because such accounts are associated with scams.

The Harms Automatic Likes Can Do To You

You may benefit from using automatic likes but there are various ways that this may be putting you in harm’s way. This would mean that your account could actually get banned. One of the harms is the app you use for automatic likes may start posting on your friends profiles as well as on other peoples comment boxes. In most cases they are ad like comments asking people to like their page. The comments will be in your name so people will think it is you. Some may even report them which lead to your account getting banned and you may not be aware for what is happening.

They may even send them as private messages to people you are friends with or your followers. This is not only annoying but also harmful to your image. Most people would block such an account. You may end up with fewer friends as they tried to avoid the spam messages from your account. Automatic likes are useful but you need to get a reputable party to get them from to avoid ruining your online reputation.

Benefits of Twitter Polls

With the need to continuously improve the services and products, companies are always keen on collecting feedback from their consumers. This is because of the need to survive competition, attract new clients and attract new customers. Most feedback is received online, and Twitter polls have turned out to be of greatest benefit because of the ease associated with this feature. Before Twitter invented this feature, online surveys and feedback were conducted in a way that one had to fill in personal details and proceed to answer several questions. That consumes some time, and that’s why most respondents shunned it because it was free yet you wasting your precious time.

All this is gone, thanks to Twitter polls. All the user is required to do is choose a response from the two or four answer options already provided. There is no link to another site to complete the vote as everything is done on the same tweet in just clicks. No one requests for your details, and the whole process is kept anonymous. You can see the results immediately unlike the previous platforms where the results were only available to the managements.

The Cons of a Buy twitter likes Scheme

The hype of having a lot of followers is good but you need to realize that there are cons to it especially if you used a crook to buy twitter likes. First, all you are buying is spam buts and robo accounts that are inactive on twitter at best. All you will be is someone with a lot of followers on twitter who do not do anything on twitter. Imagine what your feed will be like will spam accounts as followers. All they are is numbers which means that they cannot retweet your tweets, reply or even DM. They do nothing to improve your online presence on twitter.

To buy twitter likes means that you are also risking our safety. Spam accounts means that you could also be subject to spam messages and spam posts on your account. Other than that, your reputation will be ruined if people find out you having been buying followers who are fake accounts. The real followers you have may feel cheated and unfollow you. If it’s a business the damages could be worse.

How to use automatic likes to get you more genuine likes

If you don’t find anything unethical with buying automatic likes, there are no reasons that should stop you from buying them. They help you get more visibility on Facebook and twitter, and they surely do make you look like an Instagram queen if you are a lady. The only problem however is that you can never rely on buying likes for all your life. In any case, most of these likes come from fake accounts, which won’t give you any interactions or genuine chances of increasing sales dramatically. Despite the above, you can still use them to help you get more real friends and likes from real people.

First, create a unique and detailed profile on your preferred social network. Put a real picture of yourself and decide topics you plan to be posting on these networks. After that, buy or download an app that helps you generate let’s say automatic likes on every Facebook you make. In addition, follow other people on twitter and befrienders many people as you can on Facebook. This way, you increase visibility for your posts, which would be interesting to many people who follow popular people.