The Harms Automatic Likes Can Do To You

News 11:04 April 2024:

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You may benefit from using automatic likes but there are various ways that this may be putting you in harm’s way. This would mean that your account could actually get banned. One of the harms is the app you use for automatic likes may start posting on your friends profiles as well as on other peoples comment boxes. In most cases they are ad like comments asking people to like their page. The comments will be in your name so people will think it is you. Some may even report them which lead to your account getting banned and you may not be aware for what is happening.

They may even send them as private messages to people you are friends with or your followers. This is not only annoying but also harmful to your image. Most people would block such an account. You may end up with fewer friends as they tried to avoid the spam messages from your account. Automatic likes are useful but you need to get a reputable party to get them from to avoid ruining your online reputation.

Automatic Likes

We must appreciate one factor that currently no one enjoys the benefit that comes with technology like the social media.  The platforms are known to have billions of members and are always being used all throughout the day and the night.  This has made it easier for the platforms to reach nearly everyone on the platform at any given time or another.   For one to remain relevant a lot of engagement must be put in place without any engagement you are hiding your head in the sand.  If you have an account on the large number of social media platforms, you might have heard of automatic likes.

What difference does it make if you automate your services or do it manually?  A lot to be precise!  There is absolutely no way you can compare the two.  Even though they are the same services but they differ greatly like a zebra and a donkey even though they are of the same family.  Even though there has been a lot of automation on the social media platform that does not in essence mean that everything needs to be automated.  Automation is good because it makes work easy by helping users boost their account thereby increasing an account holder’s presence.

How you use your automatic likes will dictate greatly on your following if you want to make it out there.  What matters is how you use the feature.  A lot of people seeking a fast online presence have been known to abuse the automatic feature.  This is dangerous and comes with consequences that an account holder might not want at all.  It is therefore important that whatever tool or feature you decide to use to automate the same do it moderately and gradually.  What I mean here is don’t be in a hurry to increase your likes from 50 to 1000. This will give admin and other uses a reason to want to investigate your account.

Being able to increase your likes gradually allows you create trust amongst your online users.  Anyone who follows you believe you me has a reason to do so.  Either, they like a post or comment you made or always follow your presence online.  This might be an individual or even a boss.  If one of these followers happens to be your boss, you will consider greatly what you post online lest you get a lashing.  But if this is the case why would you want to post un-printable contents because you do not know the masses.

This is a wrong way of looking at things and operating online.  You need to know that what you post goes viral and reaches every corner of the planet.  That aside, we need to consider how automatic likes will help you increase your online presence.  If you are able to maintain an online presence that is admirable then you are sure of increasing traffic to your likes.  Likes are known to give you a presence that will be admirable by friends and competitors alike.